Friday Night Drabble Party!

Happy Friday!

Gonna make this super quick so we can get to the drabble goodness.

The incredible writer, Lee Murray, has switched publishers. She is now with Severed Press and has moved her amazing novel, Into The Mist, over to Severed! Let’s all give her a huge welcome by clicking on that cover below and buying her book! I’ve read it, it’s incredible, and certainly a novel that fans of mine will love. GO GET IT! Oh, and it won the Sir Julius Vogel Award for 2016 Best Novel! Bam!

Also, Galactic Vice audiobook!

And Agent Prime!

Click the pics!


Now, on with the drabble!



Twas A Nice Life
Jake Bible

“Oh my, oh my, oh my!” Bumbletubs cried as he ran down the corridor, the Thing right on his heels. “OH MY!”

“Bumbletubs!” the prince shouted from his bedroom. “Keep it down, I am trying to nap!”

“Sorry to disturb, M’Lord!” Bumbletubs screamed as he raced past the prince’s closed bedroom door. “So sorry!”

“Well, you should be, Bumbletubs! You should be!” The prince grumbled inaudibly then snoring reached the corridor after assailing the bedroom door.

Bumbletubs scampered around the corridor’s corner, the Thing still on his heels.

“Twas a nice life,” Bumbletubs thought just as the Thing caught up.



Disclaimer: Click the pics!

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