Friday Night Drabble Party!

Holy snack crackers! Is it Friday again?

It is!

And have I got a treat for you!

Please welcome to the stage: Four Weeks To Finished: How To Stop Making Excuses, Start Being Prolific, And Finish Your Novel! This is my nonfiction book on how to be a prolific writer and how to be more efficient in your writing process. Have a look!

Ain’t that grand? Click that pic!

Oh, and let us not forget that I also have two new novels out! Be sure and get Paradox Slaughter and Blood Ghast Blues!

Click the pics, y’all!

Also, and this is pretty groovy, I have a short story featured in the Adrenaline Shots Monstrous- Cryptozology Tales series. Go have a read!

Now, on with the drabble!



Jake Bible

The executive board sat with their eyes cast down at the chipped and faded mahogany table.

“People,” Deemo cooed. “I wasn’t asking for much. Just solutions. But what have you given me?”

Deemo leaned in close, his mouth a millimeter from a pale, shivering, terrified man’s ear. The man flinched, but didn’t look up.

“Bupkis,” Deemo said, emphasizing each consonant. “Bupkis don’t work in the apocalypse, people.”

Shick shunck!

The blade was through the chair, the man, and back out before anyone could even react.

“What do I want?” Deemo asked.

“Solutions,” the executive board replied in unison.

“Damn right…”



Disclaimer: Be prolific!

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