Friday Night Drabble Party!

So many words to share! SO MANY WORDS!

Of course, 100 of those words are in drabble form below, BUT before we get to the micro-fiction extraordinaire, let’s talk about new releases!

Bam diggity, people! Agent Prime is out as an audiobook! Get to the clicking! Your earholes will thank me!








Also, for all you author-types out there, Four Weeks To Finished is ready to CHANGE YOUR FREAKIN’ LIFE!*

*Results will vary.

Also also, a new Writing In Suburbia is out! In this episode I interview Jamie Mason, a great suspense novelist and all around awesome person!

Oh, and lest we forget the great novels that were just released this month! LEST WE FORGET!

Click them pics!

Now, on with the drabble!



Every Page
Jake Bible

“Sign every page?” Jack asked, staring at the two meter high stack of paperwork in front of him.

“Every page,” Mr. Slewfoot said.

Jack tried to smile, but his lips wouldn’t oblige.

“The point of making a deal with you was to avoid Hell,” Jack said with a weak laugh. “This looks a lot like Hell.”

“Oh, it is,” Mr. Slewfoot said. “You’re in hell. Paperwork signing Hell.”


“I lied. Your soul is messed up, man. Kelly Blue Book is pitiful.” Mr. Slewfoot grinned wide. “Finish this. I’ll have the next stack brought in. Try not to cramp up.”



Disclaimer: Results will vary, people!

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