Friday Night Drabble Party!

Oh, we are jumping right into the fun!

The fun that is The Flipside!

Have you seen the paperback cover yet? Have you? It’s AMAZING!

Also, just so you know, The Flipside is currently the #1 New Release in Time Travel Science Fiction on Amazon! So, if you haven’t gotten a copy, go get one! Let’s keep this awesome train rolling!

Click this giant cover! Click any of the links above! Welcome to The Flipside!

Now, on with the drabble!



Call It
Jake Bible

“Call it.”


The coin left Nell’s thumb with a flick and a ting of thin metal. The sunlight caught the quarter just right, sending stabbing pains of bright flashes of light into the eyes of the two very hungover men. Then it hit the cracked asphalt, bounced a few times, rolled a meter to the left, spun for a second, and finally fell flat next to a hunk of discarded chewing gum.


Allan stared at the coin. “Seriously? Dammit…”

He took several deep breaths to keep from puking, drew his machete, and waded into the sea of undead.



Disclaimer: Go get The Flipside!

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