Friday Night Drabble Party! Racist Edition!

Well, folks, it was bound to happen– I got my first racist review on Amazon. Yep.

Why is it racist? Because The Flipside contains pretty much zero politics. But the main characters are all people of color. So, this guy’s issue is that “non-white” (I’m using air quotes there) men and women are taking all the science fiction lead character jobs from hard working white folk.

Sweet bloody Hell…

Anyhoo, screw that guy, right?

How about some good news? Blood Ghast Blues is out in audiobook! BAM!

Go get your audio on, y’all!

Now, let’s have ourselves some Drabble fun! Oh, and I did have fun writing this one!



Cookies Too
Jake Bible

Hugh sat at his computer, eyes squinting at the screen as the darkness of the basement enveloped him. He smiled as he typed, knowing he would make a difference in the War.

Hugh reread his manifesto over and over again. His finger hovered over the “enter” button on his keyboard.

“MOM!” Hugh called, not bothering to look at the stairs. “I NEED MORE CAPRI SUN!”

“Okay, Hughey!” his mother called back from upstairs. “Cookies, too?”


Hugh pressed enter. The book review he’d just left would make him a hero, he knew it in his heart.



Disclaimer: Careful or you might catch SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR NONSENSE!

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