Friday Night Drabble Party!

Yo! Welcome to the Friday after 4th of July!

For those not in the US of A, we call this Friday “Stop shooting off fireworks, you dumb redneck sons of bitches!”.

Speaking of sons of bitches, how about that Max Rage, right? He’s one badass SOB! Hell, he’s so badass he’s Intergalactic!

But, despite being an Intergalactic Badass, Max Rage needs your help! The ebook is hovering in the charts. Not going up, not going down, just hovering. If y’all could buy a copy and give a little nudge, that’d be awesome. And, if you’ve already bought the ebook then please leave a review! Reviews are the lifeblood of authors!

Now, click the giant pic and get you some Max Rage: Intergalactic Badass!

Did ya click? I sure hope so. I sure hope so…

Drabble time!



How Droll
Jake Bible

Kitteridge never met a fight he didn’t want to join.

So, upon seeing the melee occurring just outside the door to his hotel, Kitteridge simply could not help himself.

The first person he encountered tried to snap his wrist. Kitteridge was having none of that. A strike to the throat brought a slow death.

The second person had a weapon. A lead pipe. Kitteridge found this infinitely amusing and laughed as he took the pipe and crushed the man’s head.

The third person had a pistol. He shot Kitteridge.

“A pistol. How droll,” were Kitteridge’s last words.

How droll indeed.



Disclaimer: Did ya click?

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