The Galactic Fleet Universe- Space Marines, Space Crime, and Action/Adventure!

The Galactic Fleet Universe- Space Marines, Space Crime, and Action/Adventure!

It all began with Salvage Merc One

“The War had started about two and a half centuries ago, spanning generations of combatants. It looked like it would be a perpetual conflict as the Skrangs refused to negotiate or even think about a peace treaty. Once they brought the B’clo’nos into it, pretty much all hope was lost that the War would ever end.
It didn’t take long for resources to become scarce despite the millions of planets, asteroid fields, rogue comets, and other celestial bodies that made up the galaxy. Once our side, the Galactic Fleet, realized they were going to run out of materials needed to keep the War fueled and going, they put out a call for solutions”– Excerpt from Salvage Merc One

The Galactic Fleet Universe never stops growing. New novels are added all the time. Space Marines kicking ass and taking names. Galactic criminals pulling heists. An elite bounty hunter out to catch his prey. Special agents. Vice detectives.

The universe is vast and ever expanding!

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Salvage Merc One
Salvage Merc One: The Daedalus System

Drop Team Zero

Outpost Hell

Roak: Galactic Bounty Hunter Series

Galactic Vice

Agent Prime


The Salvage Merc One Series

Salvage-Merc-one-ebook-coverSalvage Merc One-

Joseph Laribeau was born to be a Marine in the Galactic Fleet. He was born to fight the alien enemies known as the Skrang Alliance and travel the galaxy doing his duty as a Marine Sergeant. He loved the life. But when the War ended and Joe found himself medically discharged, the best job ever was over and he never thought he’d find his way again.

Then a beautiful alien walked into his life and offered him a chance at something even greater than the Fleet, a chance to serve with the Salvage Merc Corp.

Now known as Salvage Merc One Eighty-Four, Joe Laribeau is given the ultimate assignment by the SMC bosses. To his surprise it is neither a military nor a corporate salvage. Rather, Joe has to risk his life for one of his own. He has to find and bring back the legend that started the Corp.

He must find Salvage Merc One.



Salvage-Merc-One-2-ebook-coverSalvage Merc One: The Daedalus System-

Joe Laribeau was now Salvage Merc One. It was a position way above his days of being a Galactic Fleet Marine. Endless resources, powers and abilities that rivaled the Eight Million Gods, and the full resources of the Salvage Merc Corps behind him. It was the life.

A lonely life.

But, the artifact that had chosen him to be Salvage Merc One was about to change all that and put him to a true test of his abilities. A quest was set before him. Impossible monsters, nightmares turned reality, his own greatest fears come to life, Joe was about to face the greatest mission of his life. And the cost of failure could be his very soul!

The second novel in the hit Salvage Merc One series, The Daedalus System is non-stop action, adventure, intrigue, and inter-dimensional horror, all told by everyone’s favorite snarky Salvage Merc, Joe Laribeau.

Outpost Hell

ouheAfter an opportunistic heist gone wrong, a squad of Galactic Fleet Marines set down on a remote planet hoping to repair their badly damaged ship and resupply quickly so they can be on their way to spend their new riches.

Finding the supply outpost occupied by less than normal residents, the Marines are soon fighting for their lives against a deadly force unlike any they’ve seen on the battlefield. It’ll take all their training and skills to get out alive, let alone in one piece.

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Roak: Galactic Bounty Hunter Series (7 books)


There are thousands of bounty hunters across the galaxy. Solid professionals that take jobs based on the credits the bounties afford. They follow the letter of the law so they can maximize those credits.
Licensed, bonded, legal.
Then there’s Roak.
Deadly, unstoppable, invisible.
No criminal or military records. No files or folders with his name on them. No cybernetic implants to track. No proof he even exists except for a reputation for getting the job done. Roak is the bounty hunter called when someone is looking for the opposite of licensed, bonded, legal.
Now someone has ignored his reputation and made a very big mistake.
Double-crossed and left to die, Roak survives and sets out to exact vengeance and get paid what he is owed.
But he’s not unreasonable.
While his fee may have just gone up, the bloody, brutal revenge is on the house.

Agent Prime

Denman Sno is Agent Prime!

The best of the Fleet Intelligence Service’s elite Special Service Division, Denman Sno will need to use all of his skills and resources to stop the galaxy from plunging into another War with the alien menace known as the Skrang Alliance.

Sno’s assignment: protect and deliver Pol Hammon, the galaxy’s greatest dark tech hacker, to Galactic Fleet headquarters.

Hammon is in possession of new technology that can and will change the landscape of galactic life. The Galactic Fleet will do anything to keep that technology out of the hands of the Skrang Alliance even it it means sacrificing their best agent.

Even if it means sacrificing Agent Prime!

Murder. Espionage. Romance. Treachery. Greed.

Agent Prime is prepared for it all!

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