Sample Saturday: Scott Roche!

Hey All! Welcome to the first installment of Sample Saturday!

What’s Sample Saturday? It’s a chance for writers to share a wee bit of their work. And a chance for you, dear reader, to get a taste of some writers that you normally may not stumble across. And there’s a lot of tasty writers out there!

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And now I present the first writer of Sample Saturday: Scott Roche!

Scott Roche is a writer, husband, father of three, and a complete maniac. This is the only possible explanation for why he is also a contributing editor for Flying Island Press for both their Flagship and Abattoir imprints and produces podcast content for them. As if that weren’t enough he also co-runs the Seekrit Projekt podcast
( There is not enough time or caffeine in all the world for him to do what he wants, but he’ll die trying. You can find information about all of his projects by going to

Let Go – Scott Roche

“Faced with the atrocities he’s committed to keep his wife and son safe
and provided for, Chris is forced into a bitter decision. He must find
a way to let go of his family and move on. But in a world gone to
hell, is there any other choice?”

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