Sample Saturday: Arlene Radasky

Welcome to another Sample Saturday!

This week we have the very talented Arlene Radasky.

Some words from Arlene:

“I am Arlene Radasky, an author of a novel (working on the second) poetry and short stories. My website is

After I finished my novel, The Fox, I had all the ideas and goals that authors had, to get my novel published. I went to a writer’s conference in 2008, shopped my book, and found out the publishing business was in an upheaval (ebooks just starting to get very popular) found out I probably would not be able to get an agent or publisher to even read my book, so I decided to put it out to the world on my own. I wanted it to be read.

I am not depending on writing for an income, I am retired therefore, I also made the decision to give it away. At the same conference, I attended a workshop on recording and gathered information on I posted my book on several websites that download to all readers, the first being and eventually  Through Smashwords it is also available in many other catalogs and FreeE-books took it around the world many times. I am ever grateful to both websites.

I recorded it and it is available at Podiobooks as a serialized podcast. And through Podiobooks, it is available for sale in

I also have the paperback of The Fox for sale on Amazon.

Some of my poetry and short stories have been picked up for anthologies.

To date, I have had (in all the countable sites) over 35,000 downloads and many positive emails and reviews.

My novels are about ancient history. To tell the stories of those who lived so long ago, is a challenge that I love.”

Enjoy the sample!

In the morning (Excerpt form The Fox) – Arlene Radasky

“In an archaeological site on a hill in the Highlands of Scotland, two lovers will rediscover one another, and how it is one man will have sacrificed his life to save all he ever believed in—and all he ever loved.

A Caledonian tribe soon to be annihilated by the Romans strikes a deal with the gods in order to survive. Two thousand years later, archaeologists Aine MacRae and Marc Hunt are on their trail. Guided by the spirit of a young Caledonian woman favored by the Goddess Morrigna to merge minds, Aine uncovers more than ancient buried artifacts; she will rediscover a timeless love that has withstood the fen of time.”

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