Free Drabbles For All! Huzzah!

Hello, World!

Have I got an announcement for you! You know those drabbles I give away every Friday night? No? Then you should check HERE! (Then come right back and read the rest of this).

Guess what? Go on. Guess…………….I SAID GUESS! Okay, okay, stop crying, I’m sorry I yelled at you. Anyhoo, I have started to publish some of those drabbles! I’ll be releasing a few each week into the wild. Here are their pretty, pretty covers!

Know what else? They are free! Yes, FREE!…but only on Smashwords.

I’d make them free on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but those big boys don’t want to play ball. Sure, they’ll come to my yard for my milkshake, but they won’t play ball. Yet Smashwords will! Yay, Smashwords!

Now, you may ask yourself, where is my beautiful house? And I would say turn down the Talking Heads and pay attention to this post! Then you may ask yourself, why is Jake giving these away as ebooks? Why not bundle them up and sell them? All good questions. The simple answer is: because I can! Muwahahahahaha! The more complicated business answer is: I have included the prologue and first chapters from DEAD MECH and The Americans, plus the first part of Stark with every drabble. Oh, I’m a sneaky one!

Yep, so if someone downloads a drabble they will get 19,000 words for the price of 100. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll want to go get them some more of that sweet, sweet Jake Bible fiction.

Why tell all of you this? Because I want you all to go download crazy! Get them for free from Smashwords HERE! Get those ebooks and GIVE THEM AWAY! Share them with friends, with family, with co-workers! Spread them like word herpes! …okay, that was a bit much there, sorry. BUT, PLEASE DO SHARE THEM!

Like I said, I’ll be releasing more each week. The goal is to get 100 titles up for “sale”. That’s a lot of drabble goodness!

AND, if you are so inclined, review them! Get those stars up in that promotional sky! Show the world that awesome can happen 100 words at a time!

Now, go forth and download your little hearts out! Well, not really, that would be gross. Intriguing to see, but gross. Just go download. Thanks!


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