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Friday Night Drabble Party

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Hey, will ya look at that! Another free Drabble to be shoved through your eyeholes directly into your brainpan!

It must be Friday!

I hope you dig tonight’s micro-fiction. If you do then perhaps share with others. Nothing like free fiction on a Friday to kick the weekend off. Don’t be stingy! Let the glory of the Drabble Party be for all! Huzzah!

Anyhoo, I’ll let you get to the 100 words of awesome. If you feel like checking out any of my other works out then scroll to the bottom and give those pics a click. I’d appreciate it.



Three Were Left
Jake Bible

Three were left. They stood in a row, their bodies battered, their minds numb, their souls lost. Three were left.

One looked down at her right hand, barely seeing the bloody blade.

Two stared straight ahead, the memories of murder fading fast from her mind.

Three closed his eyes and hoped he’d be the last one. His lips moved in silent prayer.

Three were left.

They moved like lightning and struck twice as hard.

One’s blade bit. Two’s memories helped her none. Three’s prayers were almost answered.

The hands struck, the body crumpled.

Two were left.

But not for long.




Disclaimer: Free is good, but it don’t pay the bills.


Friday Night Drabble Party!

Yes, yes, I know. It’s been a couple of weeks. I’ve been busy, okay? Sheesh! 😉

But, seriously, I have been busy. Health stuff (gallbladder will be going bye bye), work stuff (finishing a novel), life stuff (uh, life stuff, stop being nosy). It’s been a crazy few weeks.

But now I’m back!

Before we get to the 100 words, please take a moment to either buy tickets or donate to the Asheville High School Theatre Troop 2237! They were chosen as the best in the State of North Carolina for their one-act play, Spoon River. Now they get to go to Nationals! But, as many of you know, there is no money for the Arts in this country. And that was true before the Cheeto-In-Charge took over. So, if you can spare a few bucks, please donate! Every dollar helps them get to Lincoln, Nebraska in June!

Now, on to the Drabble!



One Hundred Feet
Jake Bible

The excavator tore into the hillside, ripping up trees, bushes, flower beds. It shredded what had once been considered the most beautiful landscaping in the neighborhood.

“Load it all up and head down to the gate,” Willis said. “Come back for as much as you can get.”

“You think this’ll hold ’em?” Bollen asked. “I don’t know if we can pile it high enough.”

“Not much choice,” Willis said. “You got this?”


“Good. I have to check on the watchtowers.”

Willis walked off, knowing that even a hundred feet of dirt and rock wouldn’t keep them back.

Nothing could.



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Friday Night Drabble Party!

Another Friday is upon us and what a Friday it is!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Super quick tidbit for ya: Roak: Galactic Bounty Hunter is on sale for $.99 which means you can buy the ebook AND get the Audible audiobook for only $1.99 more! What a bargain! Go check it out!

On with the Drabble!



On Me
Jake Bible

A thrust of the blade and the craggy troll fell. It clutched at its belly, its knees sinking a foot deep in the muck and mire that made up the long neglected lane.

“Why ya done that to me, pally?” the troll asked. “I weren’t gonna harm ya.”

The boy stood there, troll blood dripping from the blade in huge, chunky globs. He didn’t reply. He didn’t move. Only stood there and waited.

The troll nodded. “Tis my lane to protect, but ya had all rights to pass. I stopped ya. My death is on me.”

The boy nodded. “Aye.”



Disclaimer: It ain’t about the gold, but all about the road.

Friday Night Drabble Party!


It’s another Friday which means another Drabble!

No shilling tonight. You can see links above if you want to check out one of my many marvelous novels. Yes, I said marvelous in Billy Crystal’s voice. Look it up.

On with the show!



Hug Me And Hold Me
Jake Bible

The house creaked something fierce. That is the biggest memory I have of it. The never ending creaking.

So when a storm kicked up, well, hoowee, the symphony would begin.

And the voices.


“Yes, Lizzy?”

“What are they sayin’?”

“Oh, Lizzy, don’t ya worry none about them. The voices cain’t harm ya.”

“Are ya sure, Papa?”

“Yep… Sure as sugar.”

That always made me giggle. Sure as sugar. I never knew what it meant. Papa had so many sayings.



“Come here, littlun’.”

He’d hug me and hold until the voices stopped or I fell asleep.



Disclaimer: Bump (in the night)!

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Hello, Friday, my old friend…

100 words of awesome is waiting for y’all. Just hangin’ out below, all lined up and ready for reading.

How about you check out Stone Cold Bastards first?

2017-01-26-13-37-20Yeah, that’s the stuff.

Okay, I’ll let you get on with the drabble goodness. The free drabble goodness. Free. No charge. Just like clicking that pic above. No charge at all. Totally free. From me to you.



Not A Good First Day
Jake Bible

Elijah stepped into the room, ready for his first day of work.

No one there.


No answer.


He heard some screams then a loud crash from down in the street. Elijah furrowed his brow and went to look. Unfortunately, the only window on the floor was in his new boss’s office. After some hesitancy, he sucked it up and went in.


The scene below was not so good. People running and crying. Things chasing them, catching them, killing them, eating them.

Not a good first day.

“Huh… I better start coffee. Wonder where the break room is?”



Disclaimer: No charge. Totally free.

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