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Friday Night Drabble Party

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Welcome to the Friday Night Drabble Party! Hurricane Edition!

Now, we’re about four hours from the coast (if you head down to SC, 6-7 hours from NC coast) and we’re up in the mountains, so no real danger from the hurricane for us. Could be flooding when it turns and moves up the mountains, but we’re up high, so all good. Good luck to everyone in the lowlands! Stay safe, y’all!

Anyhoo, who wants a drabble? You do!

First, we got a couple things. New episode of Writing In Suburbia is out. I interview John Hartness. You gotta check that out. Plus, Max Rage: Intergalactic Badass! audiobook and Infinite Mayhem. Click the pics below and get transported to new worlds of wonder and imagination!


Now, on with some drabble goodness!



Jake Bible

“Fuel cells?”

“75%, Captain!”

“Hull shielding?”

“35%, sir!”

“What’s our angle of entry? We going to hit the time stream head on?”

“Yes, sir. Angle of entry is nominal. We are right on course.”


“Uh… Give me a moment, Captain.”

“Dammit, man! I need the date! When are we landing?”

“Sorry, sir. Readings are all over the place. I’m having a hard time nailing down the exact date.”

“Then give me a year, man! Give me a freakin’ year!”

“I can do that… One moment, sir. Let’s see… Oh…”

“What is it?”

“2018, sir.”



“Abort, man! ABORT!”



Disclaimer: Stay safe!


Friday Night Drabble Party!

Hello, September!

I don’t expect September to say hello back because September is a month and months don’t talk. Except for June. I swear, you just can’t get June to shut up. Jeez…


Max Rage: Intergalactic Badass! is now in audiobook! The folks at Tantor Audio have done an AMAZING job with this production. Y’all need to check this out. Seriously.

Oh, and lest we forget (which is punishable by death in Singapore and Arizona) that Infinite Mayhem is out now too! Audiobook will be available probably just after Thanksgiving (that’s early December for you non-Yanks). GO GET SOME ROAK!

What else? Oh, yes, a drabble!



Putting On Airs
Jake Bible

“Those are sharks.”


“How can you say that? Dolphins don’t circle like that. They also have WAY different dorsal fins.”

“Dorsal fins. Oh, look who’s putting on airs. Dorsal fins…”

“That’s what they’re called. And dolphins’ dorsal fins flop over at the top.”

“Flop over?”

“Yes, they aren’t rigid like sharks.”

“Well, look at that one. Bit floppy there.”

“It’s not floppy, it’s bent. Probably an old injury.”

“Should have gone to the vet.”



“Did you just say that a shark should have gone to the vet?”

“No, I said that dolphin should have gone to the vet.”



Disclaimer: HEAR THE RAGE!

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Friday? Check! Night? Check! Drabble? Check! Party?

Well, you tell me. Is this a party or what? (Answer: it is.)

Welcome back, y’all!

Tonight I have a great drabble for you, but I also have the pleasure of announcing: Infinite Mayhem! Check it out!

You should really click that pic and get you a copy. You know you want more Roak!

Oh, and also, another Writing In Suburbia has dropped! Huzzah!

For those of you that are all about becoming indie authors, you should really listen to this one since I have had the great fortune of speaking with Brian Rathbone! Check it out, y’all! (And sorry for low sound during intro. There was a recording glitch and I did my best to boost the volume in post, but sometimes life doesn’t cooperate.)

Now, on with the drabble!



As Promised
Jake Bible

The safe was empty.

Norris crouched there, goggles pushed up onto his forehead, the smoke from the drill bit still in the air, and stared at the shelves that did not hold the cash as promised.

He gave the empty safe one last look then stowed his gear, threw the heavy pack onto his back, and left the office. He backtracked the way he came in, following the third floor hallway to the guest bedroom, through there and into the bathroom, stepped onto the toilet, and shoved the small window open.

The police were already waiting down below.

Norris sighed.



Disclaimer: ROAK!

Friday Night Drabble Party!

And here we are again. These Fridays sure do happen regularly. You can’t stop ’em!

This Friday, I have a surprise for y’all!


The book is coming soon, but for now you may gaze upon the wonder that is Infinite Mayhem!

The thing is, everyone that is part of the Jake Bible Fiction Facebook Group saw this cover yesterday. YESTERDAY! If you want cover reveals and special announcements before anyone else then I suggest you join the Facebook Group right now. RIGHT NOW!

And, how about a drabble?



Qualified Applicants
Jake Bible

The red-faced man glanced down at the resume, quite confused.

“You’re…applying now?” the red-faced man asked.

“Yes,” the applicant replied. “Is there a problem?”

“No, no, it’s just…” The red-faced man searched for the words. “Most of our positions are filled after someone comes here…involuntarily.”

“I wanted to get ahead of the queue. I’m well qualified.”

“Oh, I see that. But, since you are not deceased, we cannot hire you.”

“How unfortunate. You’ll keep my resume on file?”

“Of course. Hell always needs qualified applicants to fill our demon quota.”

“I appreciate it.”

“Our pleasure.”



Disclaimer: RIGHT NOW!

Friday Night Drabble Party!

We meet again!

Welcome back to another Friday Night Drabble Party, y’all. Thanks for stopping by. Got some good stuffs for ya this week!

First, Max Rage: Intergalactic Badass! is on sale for $.99! Click the pic below and go get my satirical, humorous take on the macho tough guy scifi genre!

And, for those of you that dig videos filled with writing advice, I have a new episode out in my YouTube series. Have a looksee!

Oh, and I now have a Facebook Group set up! It’s a closed group, so you have to ask to join. This way FB can’t throttle my posts and fans/readers can see all the great announcements. Go ask to join so you can see what’s going on with Jake Bible Fiction!

Now, on with tonight’s drabble!



Work With That
Jake Bible

“Dance, little imp! DANCE!” the Man in the Hood shouted at the creature trapped within the circle of salt.

“Not an imp,” the creature muttered under its breath as it began to hop back and forth from one foot to the other. “I’m a bugbear.”

The Man in the Hood raised a silver staff above his head, but paused halfway. “Say what now?”

“What?” the creature asked.

“You’re not an imp?”

“No, I’m a bugbear. Like a hobgoblin. I eat kids.”

“I need an imp.”

“You called a bugbear.”

“Shit… Eat kids, huh?”


“I can probably work with that.”



Disclaimer: Max Rage!

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