Friday Night Drabble Party!

Friday? Check! Night? Check! Drabble? Check! Party?

Well, you tell me. Is this a party or what? (Answer: it is.)

Welcome back, y’all!

Tonight I have a great drabble for you, but I also have the pleasure of announcing: Infinite Mayhem! Check it out!

You should really click that pic and get you a copy. You know you want more Roak!

Oh, and also, another Writing In Suburbia has dropped! Huzzah!

For those of you that are all about becoming indie authors, you should really listen to this one since I have had the great fortune of speaking with Brian Rathbone! Check it out, y’all! (And sorry for low sound during intro. There was a recording glitch and I did my best to boost the volume in post, but sometimes life doesn’t cooperate.)

Now, on with the drabble!



As Promised
Jake Bible

The safe was empty.

Norris crouched there, goggles pushed up onto his forehead, the smoke from the drill bit still in the air, and stared at the shelves that did not hold the cash as promised.

He gave the empty safe one last look then stowed his gear, threw the heavy pack onto his back, and left the office. He backtracked the way he came in, following the third floor hallway to the guest bedroom, through there and into the bathroom, stepped onto the toilet, and shoved the small window open.

The police were already waiting down below.

Norris sighed.



Disclaimer: ROAK!

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