The Flipside Sagas

The year is 2046 and dinosaurs are real.
Time bubbles across the world, many as large as one hundred square miles, turn like clockwork, revealing prehistoric landscapes from the Cretaceous Period.
They reveal the Flipside.
Now, thirty years after the first Turn, the clockwork is breaking down as one of the world’s powers has decided to exploit the phenomenon for their own gain, possibly destroying everything then and now in the process.
Former Head of Security for Topside Command Trevon Cash must navigate his way through the chaos of the broken turns and take a team Flipside to try to figure out what is happening. What Cash and the others don’t know is all that waits for them is horror and nightmares– a destroyed base, packs of ravenous carnivores, pterosaurs bent on plucking every human from the ground to be eaten far above, and so much more.
Can Cash and his team stop what is happening?
Or will they end up stuck Flipside forever in a perpetual, prehistoric nightmare?



The Turns have stopped!
The time bubbles are gone!
And now everyone is trapped Flipside!

Operator Trevon Cash, along with his friends, colleagues, and an international coalition of military personnel, must fight horrific new dinosaurs, survive a landscape in constant turmoil, and somehow figure out how to get back to their time while their modern technology fails, new mega-predators attack, and a Russian army bears down on them!

The once stable Flipside is now the nightmarish Savageside!



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