The AntiBio Series

Anti1 Antibiotics.
They have failed.
All that’s left are the Strains- bacteria so strong they have brought the world to its knees.
But humanity has fought on, carving out pockets of civilization in a wasteland known as the Sicklands, creating the super high-tech Clean Nation cities.
And from the cities GenSOF has been born- Genetic Special Forces Operations. An elite military branch of the government that enlists men and women with specific genetic anomalies that allow them to be hosts to bacteria that even the Strains cannot defeat. Under the watchful eye of Control, GenSOF protects the Clean Nation cities from the ever encroaching Strains and the diseased inhabitants of the Sicklands.
But now Control has other plans for GenSOF, and possibly the Clean Nation cities themselves, and it is up to the operators of GenSOF Zebra Squad, and their cloned Canine Units known as bug hounds, to find out what those plans are.
Or die trying.


The Sicklands are burning.
Coffin Squad, a mix of GenWrecks and GenSOF operators, races from GenWreck base to GenWreck base, only to find death and destruction. The abominations of the Sicklands -the cooties- have systematically destroyed everything they have come across, all in the name of an entity that no one can find- the Other.
Now Coffin Squad, with the help of some unlikely allies, must leave the Sicklands and dive back into the Clean Nation stronghold of Caldicott City in a desperate attempt to keep GenSOF Command intact. Mysteries greet them, hordes of diseased citizens attack them, and one person shatters their perception of what it means to live in a world post-antibiotics.
And it all leads back to the Other and the place where everything started- Control.

  1. Thank you for the book. Looking forward to the next book.

  2. What is the next book?

  3. I enjoyed reading AntiBio. As a veterinarian, I loved the medical aspect, the canine interaction, the tech and action. However, it was disappointing the story didn’t end at the end of the book. Serials are so incredibly boring, at least most of them. As much as I loved this one, I probably won’t stick around for however many more are coming. I guess there are many readers who are happy to wait. Me, I want new worlds, and I want them now. So I will be looking elsewhere. I wish you the best.

    • Well, thank you for your honesty. I’m guessing you’ll never read any George RR Martin books since he takes five years plus between novels! 🙂

      Unfortunately, the market, and my mind, tend to work better with series. If you are looking for a complete series, I would recommend my Apex Trilogy. It starts with Dead Mech, has The Americans as a sidequel, and then wraps up in Metal & Ash. You can also check out my Mega books. While they are a series, each book is a contained adventure.

      Thanks for the feedback and I hope you do try some of my other works.


      • You are correct, no GRRM serials here. 🙂 Short stories, yes. Thanks so much for your recommendations, I will give the Apex trilogy a try. Will AntiBio be a trilogy or a longer series? I find a trilogy a little more tolerable, so I can hope.

      • AntiBio is planned as a series of four books. You’ll probably want to wait for all of them to be released so you can read them as one long narrative. Each novel will have their own story arc, but the series as a whole will have a much wider scope. Cheers!

  4. Do you have a projected date when the next book will be out?

  5. Loved the apex trilogy, so good I read them twice. I recently did DTA loved that also I was going to do DTA 2 but I read a review that the zuburbia series gives a background to DTA, is it worth reading theZ series before DTA 2. Little dead man was also a triumph. I wish I had an ounce of your creativity jake. Thank you

    • Thanks, man! I am glad you are liking the many crazy voices I have in my head that I somehow manage to get out on paper. 😉 As for DTA 2, yeah, I would recommend reading the Z-Burbia series first. It’ll add more depth. But, to be clear, you don’t have to in order to enjoy the book. It basically starts where DTA 1 left off. Up to you, completely.


  6. Bill Harrison

    I want more Z burbia! Loved all the books!

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