What’s A Drabble?

So, what is a drabble?

Well, that is a very good question and, considering it started my writing career, a question that I should answer.

To put it simply, a drabble is a short short story written using only 100 words. Not 99 words, not 101 words, but 100 words exactly.

Now, knowing the Internet and its denizens the way I do, I know some of you want more, so here is a link to the Wikipedia page: Drabble

Okay, something you won’t find on the Internet is the answer to the question: What’s a Drabble Novel? Why? Because I made it up.

Yep, I created an entirely new literary form.

By stringing together a series of drabbles, I created long form fiction out of a micro-fiction style.

You can check out my Drabble Novel, Dead Mech, here!

Why write a novel in 100 word sections? Well, it really began as an exercise in character and plot development. Then I realized I could start piecing these together as bits of scenes. Viola, the very first Drabble Novel was born! It also allowed me to easily move pieces around to control the pacing and timing of the narrative.


Why do I like drabbles so much that I write one each week and give it away for free?

Well, because I am full of ideas (and other stuff… shut up) and a drabble lets me get those ideas out. I want to write about ghosts and ghoulies, aliens and space cowboys, serial killers and world dominating ponies, you know, the basic stuff. But, who wants to read another short story about all of those things? And who says a 1000 word story or 10,000 word story is going to pack any more punch than 100 words? I can write my quick tale and move on and hopefully entertain a few people at the same time.

And that’s it. What a drabble is and why I write them.



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