What’s A Drabble?

So, what is a drabble?

Well, that is a very good question and, considering it started my writing career, a question that I should answer.

To put it simply, a drabble is a short short story written using only 100 words. Not 99 words, not 101 words, but 100 words exactly.

Now, knowing the Internet and its denizens the way I do, I know some of you want more, so here is a link to the Wikipedia page: Drabble

Okay, something you won’t find on the Internet is the answer to the question: What’s a Drabble Novel? Why? Because I made it up.

Yep, I created an entirely new literary form.

By stringing together a series of drabbles, I created long form fiction out of a micro-fiction style.

You can check out my Drabble Novel, Dead Mech, here!

Why write a novel in 100 word sections? Well, it really began as an exercise in character and plot developement. Then I realized I could start piecing these together as bits of scenes. Viola, the very first Drabble Novel was born! It also allowed me to easily move pieces around to control the pacing and timing of the narrative.


Why do I like drabbles so much that I write one each week and give it away for free?

Well, because I am full of ideas (and other stuff… shut up) and a drabble lets me get those ideas out. I want to write about ghosts and ghoulies, aliens and space cowboys, serial killers and world dominating ponies, you know, the basic stuff. But, who wants to read another short story about all of those things? And who says a 1000 word story or 10,000 word story is going to pack any more punch than 100 words? I can write my quick tale and move on and hopefully entertain a few people at the same time.

And that’s it. What a drabble is and why I write them.



  1. Wow, Today I am smarter. I have learned something new. I heard the mention of drabble in the podcasts, but wasn’t sure what exactly it was and enjoyed the podcast so much that I never though to look it up.

    I am constantly amazed at the talent that is out there. It inspires me to want to get up and do something my self. The Dead Mech Series is awesome!

    I lke the idea of combining these two genres.

    I was a fan of Robotech and played MechWarrior when I was younger.

    Plus who doesn’t like a good zombie story.

    • I’m glad the explanation helped. Sorry it took so long for me to get the page up. That damn life thing got in the way. Thanks for listening. More importantly, thanks for commenting. Every bit of feedback helps. Cheers!

  2. I find it easier to write certain things when given a constraint. Flash is a lot of fun. Maybe I should give this a shot. Thanks!

  3. I wondered about the pauses in the story. This clears up a lot for me. thanks!

  4. I love the story, the characters, the premise, all of it.

    I like the drabble style, but without some sort of transition, (Sigler for instance, puts a brief sound effect between scenes) it is kind of hard to follow sometimes.

    I think it would fill the audio gaps in nicely without taking anything away from its drabblocity.

    • Yeah, I tried a few things and found that the wind blowing was the best transition. I couldn’t find a sound effect that wouldn’t drive me crazy after the first few transitions. And each episode has between 50 & 60 transitions!
      Don’t worry though, it’s easy to follow when you buy the book (available in September)!

  5. Totally fucking awsome. Enough said. Almost all the way threw with Deadmech, can’t wait to hear more!

  6. i live in the uk and find the dead mech story pretty good but will you be releasing your books in the uk as there is a fair few people out here that listen to the podcast

    • Welcome!
      DEAD MECH is available on Kindle in the UK (check the Buy The Fiction page). Print will be available on Amazon UK in May. I’ll post about it when it launches.


  7. Interesting way to write. I am enjoying the Dead Mech audio right now. Thanks for what you do!

  8. I’m really enjoying Dead Mech, the episodes are just the right length to walk my dog. I do find that the story jumps from scene to scene a bit too often but the general pace is really fast moving. I think what makes it for me is that you are performing the book yourself and know just where to enhance speech and accent parts, really good. I write myself and do find there are always going to be tedious essentials included to let the reader (or listener) know important background etc. I may dabble with drabble myself and see how it comes out. Anyway, just about to take the dog out and hear what’s happened after the sandstorm.
    Sean from the UK

  9. Holy F*ck! Sorry dirty mouth too, this podiobook was so good. I listened to it a work and made the days go by so qwick. I don’t read to much do to my A.D.D so listening is perfect and with an author that can write and perform such an amazing story is where its at. Thank you Jake for the story and opening me up to an all new area of podcasts Podiobooks. Dead Mech 2 (or whatever its called) can’t wait! Jimmy
    P.S. Drapple is a little tuff to get at first but once your into the story its addictive as Hell. Thanks again.

  10. DUDE!! Sweet, what? Oh idk, I love this shit, really gets the mind juices pumpin. The Drabble format works for me, keeps it fresh and interesting. love the genre, what’s not to love?, plenty of action, blood and guts, zombies and inbreds with a bit of tit and ass on the side. mwhahaha, keep up the great work. I Hope there’s more blood and guts comming my way soon.

  11. Apparently, I’m late to the party, but your explanation is greatly appreciated. I too have thoroughly enjoyed the Dead Mech podcast (almost done…dammit), and am interested in hearing more of your novel length drabblings.

  12. Just finished Mega 3. Seems like you left out at least 3novels between 2 and 3. You mentioned a Titanaboa, big spiders, and canables. That’s a whole lot of possibilities being allowed to run freely on the open range of imagination. Now at the end of #3 you throw out a whole new can of worms. But going back to the nuclear blast, Something GOT Pushed by the blast ? ?
    Damn good reads. Remembering some members of Special Forces I met years ago, the Reynolds boys would have fitted in with them when it came to unbridled snarkasym. Maybe a Commander Thorne would put up with it but no Master Chief, Gunny, or First Sgt/SgtMagor/Master Sgt would have.

    Just keep them coming.

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