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  1. When will there be another Z-Burbia? I love the story and the humor. Plus the civil engineer in me really wants to hear more about how they’re going to go about rebuilding the infrastructure… cuz I’m a nerd.

    • Z-Burbia 3: Estate of the Dead will be out next month! I’ll be sure to post about it, so stay tuned! After that there will be a bit of a hiatus as I complete a few other novels I’m contracted for. But, I think everyone that has loved Z-Burbia will love those novels as well.


  2. The humor and the action is awesome in the Z-burbia stories…can’t wait for the next book!

  3. Just finished reading Mega. Cannot wait for the sequel! Keep up the good work! Going to but the rest of your work now.

  4. Mr. Bible,

    Just listened to the first 2 Z-Burbia books on Audible and was wondering when to expect the 3rd. Is there a time table?


    PS: The Z-Burbia series is amazing! I haven’t laughed my ass off this much in a while. Jase is one of the coolest characters I’ve had the pleasure to experience, and the narrator is perfect.

  5. Derek Yablabla

    I am a huge fan of the dead mech and the whole trilogy. I hope you will be making more to the series I did notice you left a lot of openness to the ending of metal and ash for more. I know I would love to keep reading about there adventures.

  6. The mega series is excellent …. any idea when the next one is coming out

  7. Andrew Anschuktz

    Well, what about the sequel to Kaiju Winter?

  8. When is the new dead team alpha and z-burbia books coming out?

  9. Any idea when the next Zburbia will be out?? I’m hooked!

  10. Will you be writing other stories involving the Team Grendel characters? Other creatures were mentioned in the Mega series so I was wondering if there would be expansion on those. Great books!!!!

    • I made a gap between book 2 and 3 on purpose. I may go back and write short stories of those adventures or perhaps put together an anthology. I’m not sure what direction I’ll be taking there, but something will happen. There will be plenty more novels coming, though. That is guaranteed!

  11. Jonathan Heslet

    Just wanted to say I read the first mega on kindle unlimited and I was hooked. For me to buy a sequel means the first booked really hooked me and this series did. I was really impressed with the story and the depth of the characters. I love the Reynolds and being in the military can relate to their humor. I couldn’t stop laughing at them and I can’t wait to read more from this series. Awesome job!!

  12. Your books are amazing. I am going to dive into another of your series as I wait for number 6! You are by far the best writer I have ever read. Makes walking dead seem boring. Cannot wait too see what other crap Jace gets himself into and out of in the next book! Thanks too you I have secret thoughts on how to fortify my sub division in case of a zombie outbreak! My favorite thing to do when my wife and kids goto sleep is stay up and read your books. Very addictive man very addictive!

  13. I love your Mega books and I can’t wait for the next one. In the mean time I just downloaded the first Zburbia book.

  14. Peter Suarez

    Hey there, when is Mega 4 coming, as I do NOT wanna get off the rollercoaster!! The 3rd book was amazing! Such a relentless rush!!

  15. No.. say it is not so that I must now wait for Zburbia 6? I have enjoyed a binge read *okay so I did the audiobooks so more like binge listened* to books one through 5 and I cannot wait for #6! I have Mega one and two set up for my next listens and look forward to starting them soon. Keep up the great work and lets hope Jace gets his head straight and his tongue tied before he causes too much trouble *laughs

  16. Gregg Bammer

    Is there a book where team Grendel fight giant snakes?

  17. Enjoyed the Mega series and the Kaiju series looking foward to the next installments

  18. Just finished Z Burbia 6! Just trying to catch my breath! Epic, Mr Bible, just epic! Roll on Sisters of the Apocalypse!

    But before that . . . . . Mega 4 & Kaiju 3!! YUM!!!

    • Glad you liked it! Kaiju 3 will be out next month with Mega 4 close behind. Sisters won’t happen until 2016, but plenty of goodness between now and then! Cheers!

  19. Hi Jake I’m a fan of your megs series. Any idea when we get book 4? Great books by the way. I nearly screamed in frustration on completion of 3 which I’m sure you use for lol.

  20. For the first time since the 13th April 2015, I have no Jake Bible book to read, I don’t quite know what to do with myself . . . . . . . . .

  21. I have read your Mega Series and at the end of the 3rd novel it took me to Lampreys. I thought that was the next in the Mega line. Will there be a Mega 4. I like this type of book and I have enjoyed your series.

  22. When will the next Dead Team Alpha be released?

  23. Read all 4 of the Mega series and the 3 Kaiju books out. Loved them!!!! When will the next Kaiju book be out?

  24. When is the next book from any series coming Jake? Read Blood Cruise and loved it but now I need me some more Jake Bible goodness!!!

  25. Just finished Mega4 and Blood Cruise. Awesome!! Thank you for all you do.

  26. After finishing Fighting Iron and Salvage Merc One I am sooo hoping there will be sequels in the future. Now I have to wait for kaiju 4 🙂

  27. Will there be a sequel to Kaiju Inferno

    • There will be, but not sure when. It depends on when the publisher wants it. Right now there are a few other novels scheduled first. But, stay tuned! I’m hoping to close out that series by the end of the year. Cheers!

  28. When will book about the “Sister’s” come out?? I love your work, especially the ZBurbia series! So sad it ended, so I need the Sisters soon, please!

  29. I gotta know. Had u just recently watched Inglorious Bastards when u came up with the Sherrif’s name in Kaiju Winter?

    • Nope. Is there a similarity? I usually just create character names randomly then double check my character lists from my other novels to make sure I haven’t already used the same, or similar, one.

  30. The last names sound the same but are spelled differently.

  31. When is the next Mega coming out

  32. Thanks for keeping Muffin safe; I hope he finds another pup to keep him company. Will there be another book in the Z-burbia series as I would like to know what happens with the sisters and Jack Heavy. Also, has Hollywood come calling???😳😳😳 I would love to see this on the big screen.

  33. Next one out Jake? And soon?

  34. I have enjoyed every book of yours that I have read. Let me throw in my vote for continuation of Reign of Four. Hate to be hanging.

  35. Jake whats the next book you having coming out? Releasing soon?

  36. Hello, loved the dead mech series but turbo love the fighting iron books! The way you have linked the two together leaves me wanting to know more about Cray’s back story as well as where its all going. Will there be more fighting iron books in the future? Keep up the excellent work.

  37. Andrew Anschultz

    You are the reason I hate reading current writers. You can only work so fast. I have read essentially all of your books (the Reign books did not interest me) and you have so many series that it becomes painful waiting for the next book in any of them. And now you are starting a new one? Uggh!
    Keep writing as fast as you can! I would tell you which series I am waiting for most, but I really don’t know. You ROCK!

  38. Any updates on when the next Mega and Kaiju Winter books will be released?

  39. Hello just finished fighting iron 1&2 is that any new on a third party I loved the apex trilogy there the reason I started reading keep up the good work a d thank you 🙂

  40. Melissa Baughn

    WARNING…SPOILERS TO THE Z-BURBIA BOOKS IF YOU HAVENT READ THEM ALL!!! Just finished z-burbia 7. I gotta tell ya 6 was damn near a perfect ending for the Stanford clan although I would have loved to have read a little more into the end and what happened to each one. Still, damn near perfect! I was excited to read 7 and hear El tell a story, but still missed Jace and his humor, although enough rubbed off on El that we got a glimpse of it here and there 🙂 I never thought I’d find a zombie author who wrote stories I would love as much as Mark Tufo (and believe me when i say ive read a shit ton of zombie books…its my fave! ) , but damned if you didn’t write an amazing series I loved just as much! Binge bought them all and read them all twice lol. I really hope you write a bit more on the sisters… What’s left of them that is. El deserves a very happy ending. Your wit, twisted humor, cleverness had me laughing out loud several times 🙂 there were times I couldn’t put the books down and ended up late to work, lol. When you got to the more serious sad places in the books, I felt my own eyes tear up along with the characters and my old dark heart would crack. (I do wish you had gone into more depth as to big daddy’s death though. His character deserved it) you definitely won me over as a reader and a fan! I look forward to spending many more engrossed hours with your work!

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