The Mega/Team Grendel Thrillers

mega Mega: A Deep Sea Thriller!

There is something in the deep. Something large. Something hungry. Something prehistoric.

And Team Grendel must find it, fight it, and kill it.

Kinsey Thorne, the first female US Navy SEAL candidate has hit rock bottom. Having washed out of the Navy, she turned to every drink and drug she could get her hands on. Until her father and cousins, all ex-Navy SEALS themselves, offer her a way back into the life: as part of a private, elite combat Team being put together to find and hunt down an impossible monster in the Indian Ocean. Kinsey has a second chance, but can she live through it?


Mega 2: Baja Blood!

Team Grendel is back and this time they have double the monster sharks and double the trouble as a drug cartel and the Mexican Navy are both ready to blow the Beowulf III out of the water!

When a top secret, undercover mission goes wrong for one of the company’s operatives, Ballantine must call on Team Grendel and the crew of the Beowulf III to take down a drug lord and stop Southern California from being overrun by a new substance more addictive and deadly than any drug on the planet.

But things are never that simple as Team Grendel find they are under siege by cloned Megalodon sharks that developed a taste for the new substance, sending the monsters on a drug fueled rampage of bloody violence along the Baja Mexico coastline!
Blood is in the water and the feeding frenzy is on!


Mega 3: When Giants Collide!

Team Grendel has made some enemies. 

The Team of ex-Navy SEALs, scientists, and highly trained misfits may have saved countless lives, but they are now paying for their heroism. Pursued relentlessly across the globe by an unknown group, Team Grendel finds themselves disavowed by the United States and other sovereign nations for their work outside legal channels. 

Across the South Pacific ocean, Team Grendel must flee, headed for a sanctuary only their boss and benefactor knows about, fighting for their lives the entire way. But, as is the luck of Team Grendel, there is more than just human enemies chasing them down. As they battle their way across the open waters, something so giant, so relentless, and so hungry, pursues them, ready to end their war on the monsters of the deep. 

The mother of their nightmares has come to the surface and it will not stop until the Team is dead and devoured! Yet, even a monster shark of nightmarish proportions has its own enemy and Team Grendel is about to find out what happens When Giants Collide! 


Mega 4: Behemoth Island-

Running from the world, their ship crippled, their supplies dangerously low, Team Grendel follow Ballantine’s lead to a promised paradise. A place where they can hide and regroup, rest and plan the next step in their lives.

If only life were so simple.

Within hours of arriving at their idyllic island, Team Grendel and the crew of the Beowulf III quickly realize that once again they have been thrust into a nightmare of gigantic proportions. One might say it is a behemoth of a bad dream!

Giant dinosaurs! Man-eating plants! Cannibal cavemen with a hunger for fresh meat! Behemoth Island puts Team Grendel in the middle of Hell and doesn’t let up until the beaches are covered in blood and the jungles are burning!



mega-5-ebook-coverMega 5: Murder Island-

Team Grendel is out of options.
With a mysterious enemy destroying their refuges, the crew of the Beowulf III is forced to seek sanctuary on an island that wants nothing more than to kill them all, an island that is pure death and evil.
While Ballantine struggles to find them a less deadly option, Team Grendel must risk their lives to help a teammate. Something is wrong with Darby and an answer must be found before it is too late. But finding that answer may mean not all of them will make it out.
Fear! Death! Terror! BLOOD!
Nothing is right, nor will it ever be again, when Grendel and the crew land on Murder Island!

Mega 6: No Man’s Island-

The last fight is here!

Team Grendel and the crew of the Beowulf III have met their match. A sadistic maniac has them in her clutches and the last MEGA is on the hunt for revenge. It is a race to see which evil destroys Grendel first! Or will the team of misfits, mad scientists, and ex-Navy SEALs finally prevail and be allowed a chance to live out their lives in peace?

Probably not…

The mystery is over! The enemies have surfaced! Now all Team Grendel and the crew of the Beowulf III have to do is survive one last conflict!

Get ready for the sixth and final installment in the MEGA series!

  1. I have been reading a lot of zombie apocalypse fiction from mostly independent authors so it’s hit and miss as far as a great read goes. But I decided to give this book a go…and I’m so glad I did, I couldn’t put it down. I’m not going to give any of the plot away in my review, all I’m going to say is this book is on par with and I dare say better then every Clive Cussler book I have read and I truly hope this be comes a continuing series! If it’s only one or two books that would be a crime against great literature and story telling. You have gold with this Mr.Bible.

    Chase H

  2. Right off the bat, I will say I was astounded by this series. I have always loved monster stories, and became enraptured by sharks with of course JAWS. Then more so with the Meglodon species due to Author Steve Alten. I wasn’t sure I was going to LIKE nor read through your 1st book let alone the next one simply due to the Violence and strong Language, as I am not one that does good with that. However somehow I be same entrapped and sucked into the world and characters you created so wonderfully. I began to love the characters, and their own way of speech. Especially the brothers.. lol.. that the language didn’t even bother me anymore it just seemed to make them more tangible and real. I even looked forward TO the sometimes outrageous language they come up with. Lol. I can’t wait to continue the adventures awaiting them. And would even love to someday see your series on film just to see if would match up to what I envision and see in my minds eye.
    Thank you for writing and giving us this wonderful new world of Team grendal, the Sharks, and everything more to come I hope soon..

    • Awesome! Thank you for this comment! I’m stoked you get the fun of the series as well as how the characters make up so much of the story and not just the shark! Cheers!

  3. When you coming out with the 3rd book?!

  4. Love the Mega books. When is the next one coming out?

    • Look for Mega 3 in October! Gonna be AWESOME! And I’m not just saying that because I’m writing it. Well, sorta, but not like totally. It’s gonna be AWESOME! 😉

  5. OMG This Mega Series has hooked me. Please say the next one is soon…..

  6. Yay I love chain Grendel

  7. Do you have a facebook page where you can tell when the next mega book comes out

  8. Love the Mega series and have all in paperback. When is Mega 4 coming out in paperback?

  9. A lot of authors want to know what we are reading. I tell them the Mega Series by Jake Bible. I just don’t tell them it is for the sixth time

  10. do you have a release date yet

  11. and my last name is also bible no joke

  12. Any updates on the Audible version of Mega 3????

  13. Sgt. Robert Emkey

    I know Mega 4 recently came out, but I got to ask, Mega 5? Sorry I’m hooked!

  14. I read all 4 in less than a week. They were AWESOME!!! How long before 5 comes out and will there be more after? Sorry no rush. Masterpieces take time I know.

  15. Mega 5 close to coming out?

  16. Are you beginning a mega 6 or was five the last one

    • There will be a 6. But it probably won’t be out until late next year.

      • Man, your books are just too addicting, I wish I could just speed up time a year and read all future mega books. I just like how you are not afraid to”go there” in some of max and Shane’s shenanigans.

  17. I’ve been reading thru every one of your series(‘s?) And can’t get enough. I’ll have to go through again now and see if i missed anything but i started on the zburbia and went thru every other book i could find with your name on it. I hope to see more soon and can’t wait for Mega 6. I was sceptical of this series but after 2 pages i was in. I don’t usually get into sea adventures but after you took me to the future and to outer space i figured why not. Anyway i just want to say thanks for filing my otherwise boring days (aside from running a business). If you ever need beta readers look me up. Thanks so much

    • Awesome. Glad you are liking my varied works. I get bored too hence the many different genres. Hopefully one day I can slow down enough to utilize beta readers. If I do, I’ll keep you in mind. Thanks!


  18. I also am looking forward to your 6th mega book. I actually just got into the mega series this past Monday and I must say if the 5th book is like the other four then I’m in for a good read…I actually was getting bored with reading zombie thrillers and wanted to read an old pastime, I love sharks and what drew me to your series was your book megaldon on kindle. I enjoy the series and look forward to reading more of your works.

  19. Was never much of a story book reader, mostly technical stuff, but your Mega series got my attention and has me hooked and I’m reading books like I’ve never done before in my life…. thanks for great stories and the best cast of characters I’ve ever read about. Looking forward to Mega 6 this year… wahoooo….

  20. Hi,
    Any idea when/if Mega 5 will be arriving in the Audible store?
    Just a little bit hooked on this series. 🙂

  21. I just binge read all five of these books over the last two days, not since Harry potter have I been so caught up in a story and compelled to finish it as soon as possible. I hope there are many more adventures in-store for team grendel and I look forward to the slow leaking of truth into the waterq!

    • There will be at least one more! That’ll tie up the current series. After that? We shall see…

      • Terry rahilly

        Noooooooooooooooo! There must be more team Grendel !!! And BALLENTINE IS A TRIP!!! And we need to know all the secrets with his “WIFE” Dana!!!! I will pay you !!! 😁( not a lot but u didn’t specify an amount 😬)
        Please 🙂

  22. I am about to finish Mega 3 and just visited Audible. By accident I saw there was a Mega 4 and I am so excited. I have been having a blast with this series and I feel like I am part of Team Grendel. Max and Shane, wow, I love these guys. Uncle Vinnie, I want to hang out with him. I want to know if Mega 5 (again a wonderful surprise to me knowing I have two more books to go), will that be released on Audible? Lee Strayer is doing an awesome job with these books and I want to hear 5 (as well as the future 6). Keep up the great work. I am already looking at your others on Audible to continue on with. Great Work!!!!!!!!

    • I hope to have Mega 5 in audiobook at some point, but I’m having to find a new narrator, so it could be a while 😦 But stay tuned! With Team Grendel, anything is possible!

      • Terry rahilly

        I will narrate for free! 🙂

      • Does the narrator not want to work on these anymore. It will be quite hard to listen to someone else do the production. I will take anything I can get, but it sure would be nice to see it continue. Love this series.

      • It’s complicated, unfortunately. Not sure how the series will proceed.

  23. Terry rahilly

    When is the next book coming out?

  24. Have you made any progress getting MEGA 5&6 to get to audiobook?

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