Friday Night Drabble Party!

Who wants a Party? You do! Who wants a Drabble Party? Everyone!

Good thing I have a drabble for tonight’s party! It’s a good one.

Oh, and hey, did you see the new Friday Night Drabble Party logo to the right there? See it? Isn’t it cool? I created that because I have taken Friday Night Drabble Party to the next level. I am now publishing drabbles for everyone to read- for free! Unfortunately, Amazon and Barnes & Noble won’t let me list them for free, but Smashwords does. I’m waiting for B&N and Amazon to catch on so they drop the prices down to zero. Then they shall truly be free! Be free, little drabbles, be free!

Why am I doing this? To get the word out about Jake Bible Fiction, of course! If you download one of these free drabbles then please share it. Give it to friends, family, co-workers, the alien gestating in your chest cavity (aliens like drabbles, it’s true!), and your neighbors! Nothing says, “Hello, neighbor!” like free fiction! Need more info? Then check this out HERE!

But you are here for tonight’s drabble, right? RIGHT? Then let there be drabble!




Disclaimer: This drabble is not intended to take the place of any professional advice.

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