Friday Night Drabble Party!

Dang, man, is it Friday already? Then let’s get this Party started!

Another horror/Halloween themed Drabble for ya tonight. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

And, being this most wonderful time of the year, I am sure you are in the mood for more than just 100 words! Oh, I know you are.  So how about you check out my newest novel, Z-Burbia! Just click on the pic and away you will go! Then come back and read some drabbley goodness!




Children Will Play


Jake Bible

“Tinker Man, Tinker Man, we are calling you this morning,” the children sang.

They played their little game, holding hands, walking slowly in a circle. Their voices lifted into the Autumn air like dead leaves blowing on the wind.

“Tinker Man, Tinker Man, come on home, our darling,” they sang.

The body in the center of the circle stirred. First a twitch of its leg, a flutter of its hand.

“Tinker Man, Tinker Man, we give this form to thee,” the children continued, “For Tinker Man, Tinker Man, we want the world to bleed.”

The body rose. The children cheered.



Disclaimer: Nothing to see, just innocent children’s games. So very innocent…

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