Friday Night Drabble Party!

Hello, again, hello!

Welcome back to the Party!

For those that don’t know, Friday Night Drabble Party is my weekly gift to my readers and fans. Every Friday I give you, yes YOU, a free 100 word story. Seriously, no charge. You just have to read my ramblings before the story. And you love my ramblings, right? RIGHT?

Speaking of ramblings! Have you heard the news? Kaiju Winter is available now by Severed Press! Huzzah to big giant monsters!

Kaiju_Winter_ebook_coverThe Yellowstone super volcano has begun to erupt, sending North America into chaos and the rest of the world into panic. People are dangerous and desperate to escape the oncoming mega-eruption, knowing it will plunge the continent, and the world, into a perpetual ashen winter. But no matter how ready humanity is, nothing can prepare them for what comes out of the ash: Kaiju!






Yeah, you know you want a piece of that! Go get ya some, yo! NOW! DO IT!

Or, maybe, just maybe, you’d rather read tonight’s drabble? How about you do both? The drabble will be right here when you get back from purchasing Kaiju Winter. Take your time.




Better Driver
Jake Bible

“Get to the right!” Sims shouted, his hands pressed against the dashboard as the Dodge Charger screamed down the highway. “The right! Right, right, right!”

“Shut the fuck up!” McMillan yelled. “First day in the US! Gonna take some gettin’ used to this drivin’ on the wrong side of the bloody road thing!”

“It’s not the wrong side here!” Sims shouted, his knuckles white as his fingertips nearly ripped the dash apart. “Why’d you say you’d drive?”

“Because I’m the better driver!” McMillan replied, spitting blood. “Even gut shot!”

Sims didn’t argue, McMillan was the better driver, even gut shot.




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