Friday Night Drabble Party!

Well, hello there! Back for more awesome micro-fiction? FREE micro-fiction? I know you are, you little scamps, you!

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Now, before we get into tonight’s drabble, how about a little pimpin’?

Z-Burbia 6: Rocky Mountain Die is racking up some serious 5-star reviews!

Reign of Four has two books out and book three will be dropping September 1st!

Writing In Suburbia hit a milestone of 1,000 downloads per episode!

*end pimpin’*

On to the drabble!



Rebelliously Bored
Jake Bible

Sentries lined the boulevard, their chrome plating shining brightly in the afternoon sun.

Morgan frowned, rebelliously bored.

“The High Officer should have been here by now?” Morgan said.

“He’s only thirty minutes late,” Loughlin replied. “That’s early for him.”

“We’re forced to attend these processions and the guy doesn’t show?” Morgan grumbled. “I got shit to do, man.”

A few spectators shifted uncomfortably, moving away as Morgan uttered his unsanctioned, traitorous words.

“Chill,” Loughlin hissed. “You want to be repurposed into a sentry?”

Morgan stared at the line of metal guards. “At least I’d be lobotomized, instead of just bored.”




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