Friday Night Drabble Party!


Another Friday is upon us and it is HEAVY! Get it off! GET IT OFF!


Hey, guess what? BookRiot listed the top 30 best writing podcasts and Writing In Suburbia is in the top ten! Nice!

You can click the pic and check it out! Free to listen to, free to subscribe to, worth its weight in gold.



Now, how about some of that tasty, tasty micro-fiction?



Until Yesterday
Jake Bible

Norris set the flame to low and let the pot simmer. The smell was intensely delicious and he had to restrain himself from ladling out a bowl right then and there.

But he needed to be patient. It wasn’t ready. To eat it before the meat was tender and the flesh was broken down would be such a waste of a good kill. Norris was not one that tolerated waste.

He set the table and poured himself a drink. One drink, one table setting. Norris hadn’t seen another living soul in months.

Until yesterday.

Norris sipped his drink and waited.



Disclaimer: Don’t eat the brown.

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