Friday Night Drabble Party!

It’s Friday! Do you know where your Drabble is?

It’s right here!

Hey, but before we get into 100 words of beautiful, magical, chocolate-flavored fiction, how about I mention that Writing In Suburbia is back from its summer break? Yeah? Okay, I will!

Writing In Suburbia is back from its summer break! Listen to my take on being a pro writer while also living the suburban life. Good stuff for beginning writers, pro writers, those that want to be pro writers, and anyone interested in the biz. Join in!


Eh hem…

Okay, on to the drabble!



Late Night Crowd
Jake Bible

“That’s $7.50,” the clerk said, her hip cocked to the side, bored eyes watching the man across from her. “Hello?”

Trench coat. Hat pulled down shadowing his face. Leather gloves. Two colas and a bag of pork rinds on the counter.

“$7.50?” the man asked, his voice thin, reedy.

“Yeah,” the clerk said. She leaned forward and repeated, very slowly, “Seven. Fifty.”

“Oh,” the man said. “Sorry.”

He turned and shuffled away without his snacks.

“Weirdos,” the clerk said then the smell hit her and she leaned over the counter. “Great. Another slime trail. I hate the late night crowd.”



Disclaimer: Can I have the key to the bathroom?

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