Friday Night Drabble Party!

Happy Friday!

Yes, it is time for another Drabble Party, but this week is kind of crazy and my brain is focused solely on finishing the next Roak: Galactic Bounty Hunter novel. Gotta keep the word flow going, yo!

So, instead of 100 words of original fiction, I give you an 100 word excerpt from my latest release: Mech Corps. It just so happens that I was able to find exactly 100 words to use. That rarely happens, y’all. I hope you dig the excerpt and feel like picking up the novel. What’s it about? Check it out below!


The human race is about to be without a home, Earth having been turned into a toxic wasteland by decades of war and centuries of neglect.

Now united and desperate to put down new roots, humanity sets off across the galaxy. But, the galaxy isn’t as hospitable as people would like.

Humanity needs a miracle to survive against the first alien race they encounter. Good thing they have that miracle in the form of a team of 30-foot human-piloted battle robots known as the Mech Corps!







The massive xeno dodged each punch she threw, answering the attacks with whipcrack shots from its tentacles, knocking Roar off balance again and again.
“Chomps! Anyone! Can you read me?” Roar yelled into the comms. “Come in, goddammit!”
“Roar? Your signal is weak. What’s going on?” Chomps replied.
“In the shit!” Roar shouted. “In the shit!”
She cried out as pain shot from her left wrist up her arm. She looked down to see five tentacles wrapped about her mech’s wrist, all squeezing and twisting with enough force that the metal alloy was showing signs it was about to buckle.



Disclaimer: Don’t over think it, people. Go buy the novel!

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