Friday Night Drabble Party!

Howdy, y’all!

Another week has come to an end. And as your reward for not going ten kinds of insane and rampaging through the streets with a burning zucchini in both hands, you get free micro-fiction!

Let the Friday Night Drabble Party begin!

I have been very busy writing the third Roak novel this week. Should have it done by mid-August. So be on the lookout for the pre-order! In the meantime, if you’re not sure what Roak is, check him out below. The first two books are available now!

Now, on with the Drabble!



New Boots
Jake Bible


Her boots were slick with their blood.

The intricate stitching, which once had been ivory white, was stained a deep pink. Dee stared down at the boots, new by only a couple of days, and frowned. That shit didn’t come out.

Too late to do anything. The stitching would stay that color, maybe fade a little over time, but for the foreseeable future, she’d have pink stitching in her black boots.

Dee holstered her pistol and lit a cigar, puffing hard to get it glowing, then tapped ash on her main target’s slack face.

“Vaya con Dios, bitch,” she said.



Disclaimer: ROAK!

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