Friday Night Drabble Party!


Hey! Guess what? I added a new contest for the month of August! Get some reviews in and you can win a signed paperback, or a free audiobook, or your name as a character in one of my novels! Clicky clicky!

But, that’s not what you’re here for. You’re here for the new audiobooks! 😉

What? Oh, you’re here for the drabble. I see, I see.

Well, enjoy!


The Pawn
Jake Bible


The pawn was slid across the picnic table. Black stone of some sort.

Cort didn’t care what the chess piece was made of. He only cared what name was etched into the bottom. He checked and frowned.

“You sure?” Cort asked the round-faced man that stared at him from across the table. “Can’t go back from this.”

The round-faced man nodded.

“Your funeral,” Cort said and smiled. The smile was not returned. Cort shrugged. “It’ll be done tomorrow tonight.”

The round-faced man left. Cort watched him go and tucked the pawn away.

Time to get to work.



Disclaimer: Audiobooks! Contest!

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  1. Need more than two books in the Roak series – need a LOT more!!

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