A Contest For All!

For those in the know (that means folks on my mailing list), you know I have an ongoing contest. Not sure what it is? Here ya go!

So, what does this mean? Well, through the rest of the month I’m adding a second contest for anyone that writes an Amazon review! If you write a review anytime from now until August 31st, and email me a link to it (jakebiblefiction at gmail dot com), then you are entered to win a signed paperback or free audiobook or your name as a character in one of my upcoming novels!

This is a second contest, folks. Not an add-on. If you’re eligible for both then you can win TWICE! Hell, you could win thrice! For every review you write, and send me a link to, you get an entry into the extra contest!


To make it easy, click the banner pick below and you’ll be able to go to the list of my novels on Amazon. Review one (Nebula Risen, Mech Corps, and Stone Cold Bastards could use some love), send me the link, and you’re good to know!

Thanks, y’all!

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