Friday Night Drabble Party!

Oh, August, where hast thou gone? Le sigh…

Hey, you know how to keep the summer party going? Audiobooks! Click away below at those pretty, pretty covers and get you some audio goodness for your earholes.

Or, you know what is even more fun? WINNING!

Okay, now that you’ve bought some audiobooks and entered the contest, you want your cookie. Well, here’s your cookie!



Jake Bible


Even at full throttle, Naomi couldn’t outrun the Civics. Those dual-engine vehics simply had too much power; more horses in one engine than Naomi could coax from her entire vehic.

But power wasn’t everything. The problem with Civics and their vehics, was the State-paid losers never learned how to drive. Truly drive. They could push down on the diesel, sirens blaring, but that was it.

Naomi was a mechanic. The last of a great line. She knew that control meant as much as horses.

She aimed for the twists and turns of the hills and didn’t look back.



Disclaimer: Drive, baby, drive.

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