Friday Night Drabble Party!

Happy Friday, y’all!

Is your Friday a freezing hellscape of wind and stupid weather? Mine is! Over 50 degrees yesterday and now it isn’t even 30? END TIMES, PEOPLE! END TIMES!

Speaking of end of times, and beginning of times, you should check out Brian Walton’s Recursion series.

“The Recursion Event Saga is a time travel thriller told chronologically in 5 parts. each taking you to unique settings, times, and characters. From 1950s Paris to a post-apocalyptic future, lives and fates collide in ISD Agent Molly Gardner’s desperate fight to hold together the threads of history, and to solve the riddle of her life.

A war-correspondent searching for his dead wife, a young screenwriter with a love for the paranormal, a time-traveling double agent, and a girl who’s lived multiple lives—all play a part in the century-spanning saga.

This week only (1/30-2/2) get books 1-3 of the Recursion Event Saga for 99c each, and escape through time today… or yesterday.

Sounds cool, right? Check it out!

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Now, on with the Drabble! Huzzah!



Really Upset
Jake Bible

“I can’t find my wallet,” the man sobbed. “I can’t find my wallet!”

“Should we help?” Melissa whispered to Jeff. “He looks really upset.”

“He lost his wallet,” Jeff said as the couple walked on. “I’d be upset too.”

“IT WAS MY LIFE!” the man shrieked.

“Jeff…” Melissa hissed.

“Fine,” Jeff said, returning to the man as Melissa waited. “Hey, buddy, can I–.”

The knife slash was swift.

“Did you take it?” the man asked, Jeff’s throat spewing blood.

Melissa screamed.

The man smiled down at Jeff. Then he picked up something from the sidewalk. “Oh, wait, here it is.”



Disclaimer: Watch the hands.

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