Friday Night Drabble Party!


And you only have a few hours to complete said quest.

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So, uh…get on that.


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Now, on with the Drabble!



Beg To Differ
Jake Bible

The single note, on the verge of changing, morphing, becoming something else, hung in the air, gripping the audience by their very souls. None could move, they were owned.

Red eyes stared at the crowd. A black tongue licked lips. Long fingers held the note.

Someone sneezed. The note faltered then died, the spell broken.

All eyes fell on Todd.

“Uh…allergies,” Todd said, extremely uncomfortable by the attention being paid to him. “Pollen, specifically.”

“THERE IS NO POLLEN IN HELL!” the owner of the guitar roared.

“Beg to differ,” Todd replied and sneezed. “I mean, it is Hell, right?”



Disclaimer: Do not forget your quest!

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