The Americans Episode 27!

Howdy do, y’all!

I’m very glad you made it back for another episode of The Americans!

Hey, did you know that The Americans is available as an ebook? Yep, it’s true! Also, did you know you can get that ebook signed? Super true! Click HERE for all the info!

But, wait, that’s not all! I have a new regular post that started yesterday. It’s called Sample Saturday and it features a sample of a different writer’s work each and every Saturday. You get to find some more groovy cool folks to read! So check it out ASAP. ASAP, I say! And if you are a writer and want to get involved then click HERE!

And now to your regularly scheduled podcast!

The Americans Episode 27


Show Notes:

All music by Kevin MacLeod at

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  1. Ebook is great Jake

  2. Get well soon, Sir.
    Nice episode.
    Spiders? Hmmm, I finished writing Jimmy and the Black Wind 4 months ago, and have something called The Spider Protocol in it…! Plus, an organisation called PERDIS.

    Stay Alive

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