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Friday Night Drabble Party

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Well, hello there! Back for more awesome micro-fiction? FREE micro-fiction? I know you are, you little scamps, you!

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Now, before we get into tonight’s drabble, how about a little pimpin’?

Z-Burbia 6: Rocky Mountain Die is racking up some serious 5-star reviews!

Reign of Four has two books out and book three will be dropping September 1st!

Writing In Suburbia hit a milestone of 1,000 downloads per episode!

*end pimpin’*

On to the drabble!



Rebelliously Bored
Jake Bible

Sentries lined the boulevard, their chrome plating shining brightly in the afternoon sun.

Morgan frowned, rebelliously bored.

“The High Officer should have been here by now?” Morgan said.

“He’s only thirty minutes late,” Loughlin replied. “That’s early for him.”

“We’re forced to attend these processions and the guy doesn’t show?” Morgan grumbled. “I got shit to do, man.”

A few spectators shifted uncomfortably, moving away as Morgan uttered his unsanctioned, traitorous words.

“Chill,” Loughlin hissed. “You want to be repurposed into a sentry?”

Morgan stared at the line of metal guards. “At least I’d be lobotomized, instead of just bored.”




Friday Night Drabble Party!

Is it that time again? Yes, it is!

Friday Night Drabble Party!

All your free micro-fiction needs in one place!

Before you read the fiction, maybe you should check out the latest episode of Writing In Suburbia. If you want to know more about the life of a pro writer or the issues pro writers deal with, then get all clickety clickety and have a listen. You’ll thank me.

suburbiaNow, on to the drabble!



So Bored
Jake Bible

We’ve been on this planet for eighty-three days now.

I am so bored.

Littleton has figured out how to recycle our urine so it is semi-palatable. Okay, it’s not even close to palatable, but at least its cold.

Foster has confirmed that the tuber-like plants are not edible. He died about an hour ago.

I set half our oxygen supply on fire accidentally. So, there’s that.

Have I mentioned I’m bored?

What the hell is Collier doing over there? Oh. Seriously?

Soooooo booooored.

I wonder if I can get Littleton and Collier to fight?

Let’s find out.


Disclaimer: Even cold, urine still tastes like piss.

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Another Friday, another Party!

Time to get your free micro-fiction on!

But, before you dive into the 100 words, how about you check out the latest review of the Reign of Four series. Click that pic below. Do it. Dooooo iiiiiit. Do it!




Too Nice A Night
Jake Bible

The sound of Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline drifts on the summer breeze as Carol ready’s the baseball bat. She hums along, her lips mouthing the “bom bom bom” part when it comes up.

“Nice night,” she says, twisting her hands, feeling the slight perspiration. “Too nice a night for this unfortunate business.”

A muffled cry and Carol narrows her eyes. Linda, gagged, wrists and ankles behind her, hanging from the bar across the swing set, stares in pure terror.

“It was simple,” Carol says as she brings the bat back. “Approve the new landscaping.”

The bat swings fast and hard.



Disclaimer: Stun guns make good neighbors.

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Bam! Boom! Kapow!

It’s another Friday, it’s another Party!

Are you ready for this?

Yes, you are!

But, of course, before we get into the free micro-fiction, how’s about some pimpage?

Z-Burbia 6: Rocky Mountain Die

Reign of Four: I


Writing In Suburbia Podcast

Consume, people! CONSUME!

And now, on to our regularly scheduled drabble.



Lightest of Touches
Jake Bible


A small flutter, barely perceptible. People walk past, unawares.

The lightest of touches, the sensation of breath on skin. Dry, warm, soft. A hand brushes thoughtlessly at a neck.

The eyes watch, careful not to be noticed, careful not to be seen. Careful. The eyes wait.

The man, strong, virile, a perfect specimen, strolls by, his phone in hand, hand to ear, his mouth moving continuously, loud, wanting to be noticed, wanting to be important, playing the roll, pretending.

The eyes, the flutter, the lightest of touches notices him. He will be important.

A busy corner, a gentle shove. Screams.



Disclaimer: Be aware. Be very aware.

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Hello, hello, hello!

I am back from vacation! That means it’s time for some sexy, sexy drabble goodness! Grrrrrroooowwwlllll!

Yes, I did just do a tiger claw motion while I wrote that.

Where’d I go on vacation? Rocky Mountain High, y’all! First time in the Rockies. Uh-mazing! I grew up in Oregon, so I miss the big mountains. Loved the dry air.

But, now I’m home and it’s time to get back to the wordsmithing!

But, before we get to the 100 words of gold, let’s pimp!

My new series, Reign of Four, is available in ebook format! It’s space opera! Historical scifi! Medieval space fiction! Check it out!

MEGA is on sale for $.99! Get in on the Team Grendel goodness!

And the last installment of the Stanford Family saga is here! Z-Burbia 6: Rocky Mountain Die! People be LOVING this one!

Oh, and new episode of Writing In Suburbia! Have a listen if you want my take on being a professional full time writer while living the suburban life!

Exclamation points!

Now, on to the drabble!



My Right foot
Jake Bible

Run, you moron, run!

Shit… Where’s my right foot? Shit!

Right foot gone. Suit sealing. Good. No loss of air. What’s that beeping? Okay, some loss of air.

Keep running! Less thinking, more moving, dipshit!

Kinda hard without a right foot. Really fucking hard without a right foot. Fast hobbling is my new thing. I’m the interstellar hobbler. Fuck.

What’s that sound? Where’d that come from? Left? Right? Up? Down?

Down! The damned thing is below me! Under the fucking ground!

Keep running (hobbling)!

Ship in ten meters. Seven. Five. Three. One. Hatch!


Shit… There goes the left foot.



Disclaimer: Take care of your feet, people!


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