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Friday Night Drabble Party

Friday Night Drabble Vacation!

That’s right, folks, the Party is on vacation!

Can I get a woot woot? No? Screw you guys, I’m goin’ on vacation.

But, seriously, Friday Night Drabble Party will be off the air for a couple weeks while I meet deadlines and go on the very first family vacation we’ve ever taken. Crazy, no?

Feel free to peruse the archives, if you need a drabble fix.

Or, buy Kaiju Winter for only $.99 while it is still on sale! GO DO THAT!

Catch y’all on the flipside!

Word and cheers!

Friday Night Drabble Party!

The Party has returned!

I’m sure everyone noticed there was no Drabble Party last week. 4th of July and all. Shit went boom. Plus there was cornhole. (Note to self: create new erotica genre that Amazon will ban called “Cornhole Boom”.)

But the drabbletasticness of Friday Night Drabble Party is back and better than ever! EVER!

So, sit back with your favorite summer beverage or winter beverage for you folks that live down under. Hell. I’m talking about you people that live in Hell. What? You thought I was talking about New Zealand? Y’all are drinking tea in New Zealand right now. I know that. Because stereotypes make the world go round, yo!

And a billion hamsters at the center of the Earth. They make the world go round too. I wonder what they drink? And since they are in the center, do they have summer or winter? Maybe they live in Hell…

AntiBio is on sale for $.99! Buy it!

What was I talking about?

Right. Drabble.



Little Things
Jake Bible

It’s the little things that make up this insane world.

Not the big things like food, air and water. No, we shit on those. They obviously don’t matter.

No, sir, life is made up of little things.

A wise man once said, “Don’t sweat the little things because it’s all little things.”

I think it was Snoopy that said that.

So, as I stand here on this ledge, looking down at the ants below -the little things-  and I can’t but wonder how not to sweat them. Wise words are good and all, but some instructions would be nice too.




Disclaimer: Don’t sweat it, it’s all good.

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Well, hello there! Back for some more Drabble Party action? Oh, hells to the yes you are!

Not gonna pimp any books or audiobooks tonight. But I will point you to a guest blog post that Starla Huchton wrote for Views From The Captain’s Chair! If you are a writer and want to know a little about some serious internet marketing campaign fu, then have a read. It’s good stuff.

Now, on to the drabble!



All About The Rules
Jake Bible


“It doesn’t specifically say that I’m disqualified if I kill the other contestants,” Jaime smiled. “Read the rules. Sure, I can be arrested, but you can’t disqualify me.”

“It clearly states that if you break any local, state, or federal laws then you are out,” Morgan said, tapping the clipboard that was always clutched in his hands. “Just because you are the last one left alive, does not mean you automatically win.”

“But I haven’t broken any laws until I’m convicted,” Jaime insisted. “Innocent until proven guilty.”

“He’s right,” Stanford sighed. “Give him the damn trophy. Then call the cops.”



Disclaimer: Sometimes it’s more about the spirit of the thing.

Friday Night Drabble Party!

It is that time again, folks!

48hr Film Project!

Yep, every year I work with Team Long Shot to make an 8 minute film in just 48hrs. It’s a blast! Didn’t catch our Audience Award winning entries from last year and the year before? No worries! Click on the Screenplays tab above or just click HERE!

It’s going to be exciting to see what genre we get this year! By the time you read this I will be neck deep in screenwriting. Crazy, man, crazy.

But you’re not here for cinema, you are here for free micro-fiction. So let’s get this Party started!



Jake Bible

Ten little birds sitting on a wire. They peck and chirp, small, black beaks in constant motion. Wings flutter, tiny bodies twitch and hop.

The flames hit them faster than they can protest.

Ten little bird corpses littering the road. Their feathers scorched, bodies baked, beaks nothing but blackened nubs of keratin and bone. Empty eye sockets, jelly boiled from their heads.

The boots scrape pavement, soles long since worn through to the cracked and blistered skin inside. A toe nudges an avian corpse and it stirs, life still struggling within; no corpse after all.


The boot crashes down.



Disclaimer: These boots were made for stompin’.


Friday Night Drabble Party!

Hello, again, hello!

Welcome back to the Party!

For those that don’t know, Friday Night Drabble Party is my weekly gift to my readers and fans. Every Friday I give you, yes YOU, a free 100 word story. Seriously, no charge. You just have to read my ramblings before the story. And you love my ramblings, right? RIGHT?

Speaking of ramblings! Have you heard the news? Kaiju Winter is available now by Severed Press! Huzzah to big giant monsters!

Kaiju_Winter_ebook_coverThe Yellowstone super volcano has begun to erupt, sending North America into chaos and the rest of the world into panic. People are dangerous and desperate to escape the oncoming mega-eruption, knowing it will plunge the continent, and the world, into a perpetual ashen winter. But no matter how ready humanity is, nothing can prepare them for what comes out of the ash: Kaiju!






Yeah, you know you want a piece of that! Go get ya some, yo! NOW! DO IT!

Or, maybe, just maybe, you’d rather read tonight’s drabble? How about you do both? The drabble will be right here when you get back from purchasing Kaiju Winter. Take your time.




Better Driver
Jake Bible

“Get to the right!” Sims shouted, his hands pressed against the dashboard as the Dodge Charger screamed down the highway. “The right! Right, right, right!”

“Shut the fuck up!” McMillan yelled. “First day in the US! Gonna take some gettin’ used to this drivin’ on the wrong side of the bloody road thing!”

“It’s not the wrong side here!” Sims shouted, his knuckles white as his fingertips nearly ripped the dash apart. “Why’d you say you’d drive?”

“Because I’m the better driver!” McMillan replied, spitting blood. “Even gut shot!”

Sims didn’t argue, McMillan was the better driver, even gut shot.





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